About Me

Andrea Falzetti

I am an experienced Backend Engineer with DevOps and Frontend skills, based in London . I have been developing software since 2010.

In my current position as Software Engineer at DAZN, I am part of the backend team where we are building a highly scalable, available and resilient live streaming platform using:

  • JavaScript, React & Node.js
  • AWS
  • Terraform
  • Drone
  • Serverless
  • Docker
  • Microservices

I am very passionate about automation and IaC. Besides that, I love sharing in this blog, interesting pieces of work of which I’m particularly proud of.

It all started with Pascal

My first programming language was, indeed, Pascal, then I learnt C, VB6, C# (I have also published an Xbox indie game called Xstronauta), Java, for a while I built Android apps, of course PHP with the LAMP stack which I have used at work for more than 5 years.

If you are interested to know more about my past work experiences, check out my Developer Story on StackOverflow or my LinkedIn profile.


I like to stay up to date with the latest tools, technologies and best practices about software development. One of my favourite way of doing so is through meetups and conferences. If you are in London and looking for the next interesting tech talk to listen to, check out on meetup.com my profile and get inspired by the communities I have joined (they are about: JavaScript, DevOps, AWS, Node.js, React, React Native and much more).

I think it’s incredibly useful to meet and share ideas with people that have the same passion as you for technology and software development. People have different backgrounds, they are probably facing your same challenges, and they might have found a solution that works for you too, so don’t wait anymore if you haven’t joined a community or partecipated to a tech conference yet. Start today!

If you are a JavaScript developer too, you might find interesting some of the conferences that I am planning to attend, that’s why I have decided to share this with you.

If you are also going, ping me!

Next, is what I have recently attended, you might have just missed a good one but don’t worry, you can be an early-bird next year:


In my spare time I baking bread and for friends and family, taking pictures and travel the with my sweet wife , find all this on my instagram. Follow me on Twitter to stay up to date with the latest news in software development.

Andrea Falzetti


Get in touch with me if you would like to do business together, share an idea or just say hello.